The Next 21 Day Challenge Starts Tomorrow!

21 Day Challenge - Anthony Robbins Quote

What is the one change in your life, that if you were successful in making it, would impact your life the most?

So what’s keeping you from making it?

I just finished a 23-day challenge focused on developing a new habit with my schedule. I’ve always been very inconsistent with my sleep schedule, which breeds inconsistency everywhere else. So for 23 days straight I went to bed at 10 pm and got up no later than 6 am. I overslept one time, but got up several mornings before 5 am.

It was a very powerful experiment.

I’ve woken up on my own around 5 am the last two mornings without even needing an alarm.

What if you could habitually create new habits?

Life changes when we create new habits.

But old habits die hard. The only way to kill them is to replace them, which surprisingly is very difficult to do.

70% of smokers WANT TO QUIT. Over 50% attempt to quit. And studies show it takes between 6-9 attempts at quitting before a smoker is finally successful.

Sadly, most give up before then.

But smoking is a chemical addiction, which would rank pretty high on the habit scale. Studies show that the smokers who had the highest success rate were able to enlist the help of their community Рin other words, they had people around them who supported them.

Their goal wasn’t secret.¬†

If you want to experience powerful changes in your life, let me encourage you to make your commitment public.

October’s 21 Day Challenge

At the beginning of every month, we’re going to have a 21-day challenge. Tomorrow begins our first “official” 21-day challenge, after I did my own 23-day challenge in September (23 because I wanted it to end on my birthday :)).

Anyone can focus and give maximum effort for three weeks in order to reap the rewards of a changed life for months and years to come. So how about you? Are you in?

How To Jump In

If you’d like to be a part of this (or any) 21-Day Challenge, simply “like” my Facebook page at Facebook is a great way to engage with everyone doing the challenge. It’s small right now, so here’s your chance to start early and really build some unique online friendships with other people who are pursuing their purpose and God’s best for their lives.

I look forward to seeing you there!


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