Four Misconceptions About Self Discipline

Think about your top three goals right now. How many of those can be achieved without self discipline? None of them, right?

Four Misconceptions About Self Discipline

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Self discipline has such a negative connotation in our culture, yet it is probably the one trait above all that sets successful people apart from the unsuccessful. And nobody knows more about the subject of self discipline than Rory Vaden.

Rory is one of my favorite people on the planet. His book Take the Stairs is hands down my favorite book about achieving success. You can check him out here. On Sunday nights after putting the kiddos to bed, I’ll usually go for a walk, think, pray, and create some space for dreaming.

Last night found me listening to episode 46 of Rory’s podcast. Towards the end he shared four misconceptions about self-discipline. I found them very helpful and wanted to pass them along. You’re welcome. :) 

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