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You know in your gut what you need to do to change your life. Yet chances are good you’re not doing them.

The Road Not Taken Robert Frost


I’m not trying to be harsh….but who cares why?

Stop asking why. Just start doing.

We can get lost in the mire of psychological reasoning…do I really believe in myself? Is this really my calling? How do I know for sure that this is what I should be doing? Lacking certainty in any one of these questions can stop you from taking action.

So let me challenge you….


Seriously…when we did make an idol out of certainty?

Did Abraham have certainty when God told him to leave the land he called home?

Did the disciples have certainty when Jesus told them to quit the family business and follow him?

What’s the opposite of certainty?


In other words…Risk.

If something is certain, there’s no risk involved. 

Embrace risk.

Not stupid risk…not risk that’s against the council of your community. Not risk that looks more like striving than trusting God. But the kind of risk that is based on a gut feeling that you know you’re supposed to move in this direction, but you’re just scared and unsure. Embrace that risk.

And most importantly….take action.


“But I don’t know exactly what to do!”

So what. Take action.

“But I feel like I’m guessing at which action to take!”

So what. Take action.

Just get the car moving….anywhere…even in the wrong direction…just get movement.

Movement brings clarity, and out of that clarity you can adjust the movement as needed. Chances are that you’re waiting for clarity to start moving. It doesn’t work that way. Start moving and you’ll get the clarity you’ve been waiting for.

Don’t believe me?

Psalm 119:105 says “Your word is a lamp for my feet, a light for my path.”

You only have light for the second step after taking the first step.

[reminder]What action have you been delaying out of “uncertainty” but know that you need to take today?[/reminder]