Perfection or Excellence?

[callout]This post was inspired by a quote shared by Michael Hyatt. If you haven’t discovered Michael’s blog or podcast yet, I can’t recommend them enough! You can find him here:[/callout]

We all readily admit perfectionism is usually a bad thing. It often keeps people from sharing their best work with the world because it’s just not quite good enough.

But in the effort to not be a perfectionist, some folks swing too far the other way and settle on average or mediocrity. That’s why I love the quote below. Perfection is impossible, but excellence is not. Set your sights on excellence, and never allow yourself to settle for anything less.

Vince Lombardi Quote

[reminder]Perfectionism is often a high level of procrastination. What have you been procrastinating on because you just aren’t “ready yet” to get started?[/reminder]