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Gods job is to direct your steps

I have a passion for helping people discover God’s best for their lives. It saddens me to see people spend time they’ll never get back pursuing success that doesn’t really matter.

Success that matters is success with the end in mind. It’s living life backwards. Always ask yourself, will achieving this goal matter to me when I’m on my deathbed? It’s pursuing goals that bring you life, not just fill your garage.

This will help you make the hard decisions that many don’t – such as leaving the office to spend time with your kids instead of working a little longer to make a few extra dollars.

The question then is this: “what brings you life?” That’s the starting point.

Most of us live such busy lives we really have no idea what brings us life. Just an hour in front of the TV frankly sounds pretty life-giving most days. You may need to do some soul-searching. Take a weekend retreat. Journal.

Here’s a thought…maybe ask God what makes you come alive. Out of anyone, I think He’d know best what your true desires are since he is the one who put them in you.

Don’t Get Stuck On Purpose

But here’s the key: don’t get stuck on purpose. Nowhere in scripture does God promise to reveal your entire purpose to you. But He leaves clues hidden in your desires, and He does promise to direct your steps. So take this as permission to move forward in faith with what you currently know. The final picture may still be fuzzy but clarity will come as you move forward.

My Personal 3 Step Formula For Success

Right Goals + Daily Action + Time = Success

1. Right Goals:

A journey of a thousand miles may start with a single step, but you better be sure it’s in the right direction. There’s a reason U2’s “Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For” was such a high success – it resonates with so many people. If you’re pursuing success out of a desire for happiness or to prove yourself, you will never find it.

No goal in the world can fill a human heart.

Go to Jesus first, find “what you’re looking for” then start your success journey with his guidance and peace.

Read the stories of Zig Ziglar, Tony Dungy, Dave Ramsey, Michael Hyatt, and Dan Miller. These men are incredibly successful, yet they will tell you that they had happiness (inner success) before they had outward success.

Success without God equals frustration; Success with God equals fulfillment.

2. Daily Action: 

Most people have no problem setting goals. Actually getting up every morning and doing something about them is another story. If you want to reach your goal, you must commit to take daily action towards those goals.

3. Time:

A journey of a thousand miles is a failure if you stop at mile 999. Don’t give up. The only reason to quit is if you realize that what you’re pursuing really isn’t as important as your once believed.

A word of advice….

We forget faster than we realize.  Case in point…what were your News Years Resolutions? Exactly.

My best advice is to buy a cheap laminator, and some 8.5×11 and wallet size sleeves, and laminate your goals. Put them in the shower, on the mirror, in the car, in your pocket. Put motivating quotes all over the place. It may not look the best, but if you want extraordinary success then you have to throw normal out the window.

Right Goals + Daily Action + Time = Success

[reminder]My weakest step is #2 – daily action. Which one is your’s, and what can you do this week to strengthen it?[/reminder]