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Personal Development

It’s estimated that over 70% of the workforce can’t stand their jobs.

Yet instead of taking action…most people spend their evenings escaping into someone else’s adventure on TV instead of trying to live out their own.

Yet some of the best material ever written can be purchased for less than your daily Starbucks run.

Let’s be honest.

The real cost isn’t the money.

It’s the time.

Why do we waste our days living in average instead of pursuing greatness? Honestly, it’s a mindset issue. Success really comes down to your beliefs. If you don’t believe you have what it takes or deserve to be successful, then frankly it’s just easier to turn on the TV than pursue a goal you don’t believe you’ll achieve.


Paul said in Romans 12 (in the Bible) that transformation comes by renewing your mind.

“Be transformed by the renewing of your mind.”

There’s a lot of danger in using scriptural truth for selfish gain. But what if your success isn’t selfish. What do you benefit the world by playing small? By undeveloping your gifts and talents in a way that serves others?

Ultimately it’s selfish not to push past your fears and to remain mediocre. 

So start renewing your mind with positive material that will push you past your fears and challenge you to reach your potential.

I’ve read every one of the books listed above. My favorites are Take the Stairs and Wild at Heart (read 5 times). But I highly recommend them all.

[reminder]Which of the books above have you read? What mindsets hold you back?[/reminder]