We hit 200 Likes! Thank You!!

Today was a milestone for me! We hit 200 “likes” on Facebook. I’m so thankful for everyone who is supporting my work here of helping people live lives that matter!

Facebook Likes


Everyone has to start somewhere, and the beginning is such an important time because any little wind can seem to knock you off course. So having a community around you that values you and the work you are doing is so vital.

I’m doing it for you, but at the same time, I couldn’t do it without you!

So to my little community…thank you.

Thank you for all the small things, the likes, the shares, the feedback, the downloads, the comments, and most importantly, the encouragement!

To reciprocate the love, here’s a couple of quotes to encourage YOU on your journey!

Earl Nightingale Quote

Mike Dooley Quote DreamsJohann Wolfgang von Goethe Quote

Take Life By The Horns