Wesley Wiley

Hi! I’m Wesley Wiley. There’s few things I love more than helping other people overcome their limitations and achieve their dreams in life. Here’s a little bit of my journey.

In 2007 I married my best friend, Beth, and we have since had two kiddos (both are currently under two years old, so life is a wee-bit crazy). In 2009 we moved from Texas to beautiful Orlando, Florida, where we currently live. It’s been an adjustment having little ones, and I understand very well with the struggle of wanting to invest in my work while pouring as much time as I can into my family.

In January of 2011, Beth and I were able to celebrate making the final payment on over $119,000 of personal debt. The most painful part of drowning in debt wasn’t the purchases we couldn’t make, but the purposes we couldn’t live. I felt like the debt was a chain preventing me from running after my own purpose.

Now we’re free…and I’m running. And here’s what I’ve discovered in the last few years. A huge part of my purpose is to help you fulfill yours.

I love success. I feel like I was engineered for success. It’s almost to a fault as I won’t even try something if I don’t believe I can be successful at it. But success is subjective, and if you define success incorrectly, you’ll ultimately waste your life chasing it.

When I was young, I was too focused on popularity and image (not that I ever felt I had either). Then in my 20’s I was very involved in ministry, and I redefined a successful life as one that made the biggest impact on eternity. It usually involved great sacrifice and poverty (think Mother Teresa), and I became judgmental towards the wealthy people I had wanted to be just a few years before.

Now close to 40, I’m understanding that success has little to do with income or image. Rather, success is more about stewardship than stuff. You are successful to the extent that you are doing what God has designed you to do. It doesn’t matter if you’re a missionary in India, or running a Fortune 500 company.

Howard Thurman wrote years ago, “Don’t ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”

What makes me come alive is helping my clients dream big, God-sized dreams, and then working with them to create a personal plan to achieve those dreams.

What would be your ideal life? Do you have personal goals you’ve struggled to achieve? Do you desire greater income and influence? Have a longing to make a difference with your life but not sure how? If you answered yes to any of these, personal coaching may be the perfect next step for you. Click on the Coaching tab for more information.